Our Story

We founded CTC Salt Company with the purpose of bringing the world’s purest Indian Rock salt and Pakistan Himalayan Salt to Malaysia. Our unique and guiding principle is to maintain the purity of the salt we extract from the beneath the Himalayas from the mining phase, throughout its preparation and packaging into commercial products. The product is mined in the Punjab District of India and Pakistan using only hand tools and nothing is ever added to nor removed from the product- it is truly a clean, unprocessed, natural “whole food.”

For Himalayan Salt products, the company deals directly with Miners in India and Pakistan in small workshops and factories centered in villages where creating Himalayan salts products is a major part of the economic support for the village. In addition to providing support to local craftsmen, this exclusive relationship allows us to guarantee superior and consistent workmanship and the highest quality materials at very competitive prices.

Many companies offer Himalayan salt products but only with products from CTC  Salt Company in Selangor, Malaysia, can you be assured that they are perfectly pristine, all natural and pure.

We’ve grown from the early days of exporting pure white and pink salts for cooking, into a marketer of  Red, White, Pink and Black salts and Industrial salts.

CTC Salt Company is one of the largest exporters of salt to more than 30 countries around the globe. Our company directly export partial or full container loads of salt products delivered directly to our clients’ either as single loads or as a series of scheduled, partial deliveries over months. We guarantee our products whether you purchase a single container load or more than single we pride ourselves on custom development and, frequently, personal delivery of hundreds of Himalayan Salt products per year.

Our competitive prices reflect the large volumes of Himalayan Salt that we export to more than 30 countries around the world. I encourage you to contact us with any questions or special requests and to enjoy all of the products we offer.