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Natural Cosmetics

Animal Grade Salt

Our Animal Grade salt is a top choice for livestock farmers and animal feed producers. It is a high-quality, natural product sourced from the Himalayan salt range and is perfect for use in animal feed production and as an animal lick salt. You can be assured of quality and reliability with every order of our Animal Grade salt.

Bath & Beauty Salt

Transform your bath into a luxurious spa experience with our Bath & Beauty Salt. Our Himalayan salt is naturally rich in minerals and has health benefits such as hydration, detoxification and relaxation. Our salt comes in a range of colors and sizes, so you can customize your bath experience with your favorite shades and textures.

Bath Salt Granules

Our Bath Salts are made with the highest quality Himalayan Salt, providing a wide range of benefits for your skin and body. Not only do they offer soothing relaxation, but they also help detoxify your body and ease muscle aches and pains. The salt’s natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties make our Bath Salts the perfect addition to your personal care routine. 

Natural Cosmetics

Salt Soaps

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Natural Cosmetics
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